IoT Validation Element Renderer

Anti-Tampering Devices for Connected Objects

The Experiment focuses on automatic intrusion detection. Today, attack detection is very simple (track cut). Depending of the use of the AT (Anti Tampering) device, some false attacks can be detected: because of temperature changes, shocks or vibrations, etc. The use of the anti-tampering cover alone is not sufficient to detect an attack, it must be combined with other sensors (position, X-ray, ...). Then many data can be collected, but there is a need of understanding the situation, to know if it’s a real attack or a “normal” use of the systems. And the last problem is to send high secure data outside the system, so that the tampering detection can be sent followed by the customer. More than using suitable AI algorithms, we could detect a real attack on the system, whatever the means used so the security will be increase.

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