IoT Validation Element Renderer


MADE is one of the 8 italian Competence Centers, officially acknowledged as Digital Innovation Hub by European Union. The MADE vision is to lead companies digital and sustainable transformation. On one hand, MADE provides a set of knowledge, methods, technical and managerial skills on digital technologies to support companies in their digital transformation towards Industry 4.0. On the other hand, thanks to the large demo-center of over 2000 m^2, it provides an I4.0 – based pilot production facility for pioneering test, demonstration and development project realization.

The aim of the Experiment is develops AI quality inspection system Capsule Picking Vision System to detect stacks of capsules to be picked up from boxes. It allows to practically deploy the concept of Industry 5.0 in manufacturing by:

  • Enhancing human-centric approach, exploiting the “train explain sustain”. Humans train and overview machines to perform quality inspection process and elaborating the results of this process phase;
  • Enhance cognitive ability of the worker, replacing repetitive task with high added value ones (i.e. planning, data, interpretation)
  • Reskilling, shifting traditional low added value task (i.e. quality inspection of capsule) with higher added value ones (i.e. machine training, planning) thus enhancing upskilling of existing workforce towards less frustrating operation.

The area is reserved for digital twins, lean production and logistics 4.0 is a small compact plant, where the production of mechanical valves for the oil & gas industry is simulated, in a production chain involving: Robotics is the thread connecting with the third area. The focus is on human-machine and machine-machine collaboration, containing two technological cells. The first island accommodates a number of collaborative industrial robots of different sizes, which are used in the process to mount a fork to a motorbike frame, designed to operate safely when humans are present. A smaller collaborative robots assist the operator in completing the assembly, by carrying out automatic and interactive procedures in full safety. In the second island, we see how an “Operator 4.0” is “augmented” through cyber-physical smart systems, and can handle traditional operations using wearable devices and software to manage and improve adaptive interaction between human and machine.

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