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Lean Experience Factory TERESA

Lean Experience Factory (LEF) is a capability center whose mission is to provide companies with the skills necessary to reach levels of operational excellence and to effectively implement digital transformation through the combination of a scientific approach and an experiential approach. Furthermore, it is one of the nodes of the Digital Innovation Hub within the region Friuli Venezia Giulia. The main objective of LEF is to support companies in developing a sustainable path towards operational efficiency and productivity growth.

LEF is part of the McKinsey’s Digital Capability Center Global Network ( Capability Centers are advanced tech-enabled innovation and learning hubs that allow companies to experience the latest digital and analytics opportunities across the value chain and build the skills to apply them for holistic, lasting impact.

Inspired by both Industry 5.0 and Collaborative Intelligence concepts, testing activities will be focused on the human – inspection system interactions. In the Industry 5.0 perspective of AI-driven Autonomous Systems, the Collaborative Intelligence paradigm is indeed emerging as an innovative approach where “Humans and AI join forces”.

More in particular, the current TERESA will analyse to what extent the visual inspection system can assist the on-board machine operator and assume human features where workers can be effectively replaced (i.e. the inspection of sizes, dimensions, and quality of the tools to be loaded on the CNC machining centre). By demonstrating the overall validity of the system in assisting the operator on a real work environment, the overarching objectives for the sandbox will:

  • be addressed towards the promotion of the innovative product (promoting innovation);
  • inform policy makers and competent authorities through experimentation and learning, possibly helping them identify areas to improve the regulatory frameworks;
  • let Competent Authorities and regulators learn about developments in the marketplace.

Within this framework, aim of the present TERESA will be to address the regulatory and ethical issues derived from the automatic visual inspection system, under controlled conditions.

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