IoT Validation Element Renderer


The Brainport Industries Campus (BIC) is a Factory of the Future Experience Center. From presentation rooms to machine park and anything in between. To facilitate innovation, the campus has everything under a single roof and it offers all the facilities to create a pleasant production and business climate. The BIC has a close connection with the Digital Innovation Hub SOUTH-NL.

In the Factory of the Future, research is conducted into data-driven innovations within eight different areas of expertise. This is done in so-called Field Labs, in which partners work together on possibilities for the digital factory. Through research, presentations, test cases and digital twins, they take a step further towards Smart Industry together.

The Factory of the Future aims to realize fast, flexible and faultless assembly with projected work instructions. In the factory of the future multiple experiments will be conducted. With regards to how to handle machine data, production processes and information exchange along the chain. Another example is due to an operator support system in a manual assembly workplace. This system helps companies to perform fast, flexible and faultless assembly of different products.

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