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Industrial data pipelines for manufacturing AI

Built Data Spaces for Manufacturing: Main project objective, but significantly important to be specified. Objective is R&D specification for data pipeline for AI implementation with focus as a successful implementation of all work packages working in a complex system.

Gained references of knowledge for technology and infrastructure for data pipelines for further AI implementation: Successful execution of projects provides technology and infrastructure knowledge for R&D with gained positive references for commercialization and exploitation of project in the market.

Installed Data collecting infrastructure (sensors, communication, server): Successful installation of data collecting infrastructure will target to upgrade old production machines without any sensors and communication. By installation, we will specialize model to approach to the problem and results will demonstrate unique approach for installation of hardware backbone for data pipeline stream, data unification and implementation of AI into production environment.

Implementation of Apache industrial platform: First implementation of Apache industrial platform for internal use at partner SPARK with installed equipment for data collecting and data streaming according to data pipelines for DATA4AI principle with develop methodology for unique approach for implementation.

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